Jason Alexander was born and raised in the Tri-Cities. Growing up he was surrounded by motorcycles and nothing pleased him more than sharing a ride with his father. When Jason was finally on his own he wanted to follow his passion, which was riding. Working in car business from high school until mid-thirties, he gained the experience in the world of automobiles, however motorcycles still remained his true love. Jason made the move to Tri-Cities Cycle Supply in 2009 where he immersed himself in the motorcycle business. He knew he had found his true passion and decided to open his own shop in 2012: Finishline Powersports. The goals of his business were simple; provide a personal service at affordable prices. Jason still maintains a deep passion for motorcycles by involving himself and his children in motocross events and sometimes even taking a Saturday to enjoy a ride or a race for themselves.

Enjoy The Ride